Welcome Back is a six-month shop local campaign.
Live Music in
Central Park Every Saturday
Sidewalk Saturdays
(and Occasional Street Closures)
What’s in it for you:

Promotion of your business on…

✓ The Swellesley Report
✓ ShopWellesleySquare.com
✓ Social media posts
✓ Free store signage
✓ Free promotional graphics and email templates

More details…

✓ The event budget is $15,000
✓ This promotes Wellesley Square as a destination
✓ Members save 50% on ad rates at The Swellesley Report
✓ Supported by the regional Chamber

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 15

Sidewalk Saturdays

April 24
May 22
June 19
July 17
August 21
September 18

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No need to register if you have already done so or contacted us directly.

Sidewalk Saturdays

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