Make the most of the Holiday Stroll and Scavenger Hunt

The more you use these resources to promote the event and what you are offering to customers, the more it will help your business and all of Wellesley Square both on the day of the event and in the following weeks and months.

  • Email your customers
  • Post to your social media pages and website
  • Advertise

Be sure to use this link, pointing people to this blog post:

And remember, our event marketing is more than just about the level of sales during the event, it’s about creating a great experiences so visitors will return again and again.

Use The New Wellesley Square Logo

Font: Trajan Pro | Hex color: 144836
(The second one is a transparent png file.)

Hex Color Codes Being Used

Wellesley Square green: #164937

BAG STUFFERS: click to view, print, and download the 2-up PDF.

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When displaying this QR Code, which provides a link to, it needs to be at least 1.7″ wide and accompanied with this language:

iPhone: Point camera here
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Use Our New Keynectup Card!

Feature this image and have the link point to this URL:

Use this text: “Click the icon to DOWNLOAD Wellesley Square and Holiday Stroll details to your phone.
Or simply text “WellesleySquare” to 444-999 or +1 5055 444999.”

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding any of these events, please contact:

Demian Wendrow, London Harness, (781) 237-5950 or Email Demian

Rick Cram, Marketing, 617-816-7017 or Email Rick