Information from the Town of Wellesley

The state has a very complete set of FAQs on the conduct of essential and non-essential business right now.

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Key selections are included here:

PLEASE NOTE Curb-side service for non-essential business is prohibited.

What does “ecommerce” mean in the context of the essential services list?

Although ecommerce in other contexts can refer broadly to any commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet, for purposes of the Essential Services Order, ecommerce means telephone, internet, or other electronic transactions that result in (1) the shipping of goods and products that themselves would qualify a seller as providing a COVID-19 Essential Service if the seller offered the products through other means and these were the only products the seller offered; or (2) or the shipping of goods and products that are necessary for other COVID-19 Essential Services providers to conduct their essential work; or (3) the shipping of goods and products from a warehouse or distribution center that includes within its normal inventory goods covered in (1). This reflects the intention of the Order to substantially limit the number of workplaces open during the state of emergency in order to reduce out-of-home activity and transmission of the virus.

Based on this rule, operations that offer only products such as furniture, most clothing for consumer purchase, cosmetics, jewelry, recreational equipment, or other consumer specialty items are not COVID-19 Essential Services. These operations are required to close their bricks-and-mortar locations in Massachusetts and may not remain open in order to conduct e-commerce.

I am a retailer with a bricks and mortar location, but I also sell products on-line. May I continue to sell products on-line while my store is closed?

It depends. Individual business owners are permitted to enter into brick and mortar locations to perform necessary operations including shipping packages from the store. While this order is in effect, employees should not be permitted or required to enter bricks and mortar retail locations to prepare products for shipment or for any other reason. Workers may enter into distribution and warehouse facilities only to support the kinds of ecommerce described above.

Can all distribution centers, warehouse, and call centers continue to operate?

No. Distribution centers, warehouses, and call centers can continue operate only if they support the types of ecommerce described above.

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