Two Weekends

September 25-27 (Wellesley College)

October 16-18 (Babson, Olin Colleges)

Fall Into Wellesley Square is our annual promotion that reaches the students – and their parents, families and friends – of Babson, Olin and Wellesley Colleges on their “parents weekend”.

Your participation in Fall Into Wellesley Square 2015 is included in your membership.


  • Friday night restaurant specials
  • Saturday is for shopping
  • Your special discounts and promotions
  • Marketing, including multi-media promotional reach by each college
  • ShopWellesleySquare.com, featuring your promotion
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Alignable support

Use the form to the right to send us the details of your promotion.

Deadline: Friday, September 11, 2015

Special note: your opportunity for registering is here and now. The practice of reminders via phone calls and store visits will no longer take place.

What’s Your Promotion?

Us the “Message” field to list your store name and describe your Fall Into Wellesley Square promotion (i.e. discount, giveaway, other in-store event). Please limit your description to 15 words.

Please indicate if your promotion is for these parents’ weekends or available year-round.

Fall Into Wellesley Square Promo

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Fall Into Wellesley Square 2014

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