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Wellesley Goes Pink for the Ellie Fund 2022

About these images:

  1. Square images are 1080 pixels wide, optimal for Instagram posts and more.
  2. Landscape images are 1200 pixels wide, ideal for posts to FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as email graphics and website/blog posts.
  3. Versions with the blank, blue background are meant for you to add details of your promotional offers.

Window Poster Option A

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Window Poster Option B

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Ellie Fund Toolkit

Please click this button to access social media graphics and additional information to post in your store.

Wonderful Wellesley Logos


Files below include JPEGs (various sizes and resolutions) then PNG options, with one thats transparent (reversed).

Reversed: transparent white logo.


If you need to compress these or any other graphic files, here’s a free online resource:

Use The New Wellesley Square Logo

Font: Trajan Pro | Hex color: 144836
(The second one is a transparent png file.)

Reversed: transparent white logo.

Hex Color Codes Being Used

Wellesley Square green: #164937

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding any of these events, please contact:

Demian Wendrow, London Harness, (781) 237-5950 or Email Demian

Rick Cram, Marketing, 617-816-7017 or Email Rick